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(2006, 13 Minutes, MiniDV, Narrative Science Fiction)

Lying in the haze of a post-apocalyptic opium den, Pandora, the last of the Drag Queen Cosmonauts, tells the tale of her journey out beyond the orbit of Neptune....

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WINNER: 2007 Vancouver Queer Film Festival - The Gerry Brunet Memorial Award for Best Short Film. 

NOMINATIONS: Leo Awards for Costume, Makeup, and Sound Design in a Short Drama (2007).

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(2008, 15 Minutes, HD, Narrative Science Fiction)

On a sun-dappled summer day, two young scientists take a journey to the edge of their known world. 

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AWARDS: Six Leo Awards including Best Short Drama (2009).  

NOMINATIONS: Five Leo Awards including Best Director in a Short Drama (2009). Young Artist Award for Best Young Actor in a Short Film (Ryan Grantham, 2010).

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(2011, 20 Minutes, HD, Narrative Historical Fiction)

A meditation based on the mystery of Lillian Alling, a Russian woman who walked alone from New York to Siberia in 1928.

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NOMINATIONS: Ten Leo Awards including Best Short Drama, and Best Director of a Short Drama (2012). 

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